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Pretty good

That was alright, just it had a very empty feeling to it. I didn't think much of it first off but I got the hang of it and it did get better. I hated it when the music stopped when getting hit or paused, although I know it has to match the enemies to the music so maybe it just seemed like it was a bad idea for a game to match it to music, although the music was really cool :D I think it needed sounds or explosion effects? I did like how the enemies came down to the beat of the music, although they didn't seem to match to any part of the music some of the time if it got jerky at some points. I liked the colours and how the enemies lit up when they got shot. I think the exploding 4 triangle enemies were too hard to kill though. The bar for how much time the powerups had was good. The motion and movement programming was good also. It was annoying that it was so easy to accidently move the mouse outside the screen so the ship stopped moving and shooting because it was so thin, even though i do prefer the mouse than keyboard. I think the game just needs a bit more detail. It could be better. I did play it until the end so you have the hook part. Cool idea with the "lose 25000 for extra 3 lives" too. I'm very picky lol. Can I beta test your 3nd one? Or any other new game? Message me if I can.

Overall good, fun, addicting game, just needed a few more tweaks to get it perfect.


Awesome game!
Always a pleasure to play/see games that have excellent or-in this case-perfect syncronization of the graphics and sound!

ahaha, like lots of people here, I suck at it =/

fun but

i suck at it but i gave it a high score the music rocked


That was such an awesome game! i kept playing it until i accidentally pressed abandon which sucked ass :( :( :( the music was really good and i even thought the graphics were good. they were simple but it fits really good with this game. it was really hard and i died lots of times :P i was thankful that u could buy more lives! the only thing i thought u could have done was add checkpoints where u could buy permanent weapons. other than that, it was perfect!


great game, great music, great style, great gfxs
i wish this was in before the rockout contest finished because it definity would have won soemthing, lol
i only wish that it had a quality setting because it got laggy for me at some poinmts and if it got laggy for me and i have a really good computer i can only imagine what others are experiencing :\

5/5 (y)