Reviews for "> - RhythmBlaster V2"


This game was nice, i think that it was good how you made it so when you moved the ship, it readjusted to face forward, but it made it harder to shoot to the sides.


Guitar Vs. Piano and Chaoz fantasy are the best songs on newgrounds. This was okay, but would be better if you didn't steal graphics from NEON.

strange.... but nice in its own way

This is not a rythm based shooter! This is dodging colourful irritating stuff with an epilepsy-background whilst whacking the bajezus out of your left mouse button with a nice beat to back it up... still quite fun though :)

Pretty fun

I like it, just whenever you get hit it like turns red and stops the whole game, and idk, that thing kind off annoyed me...

not that bad

love the music but needs a bit more hard work.keep up the good work