Reviews for "drums of war (rock out)"


Wasn't really rythm based, to be honest, and the gameplay was average. Not too great IMO. But I can see the work that went into this so, yeah. 7/10.

dude, the 3rd stage, i think it was the arab one

man goddammit the game is so awesome and so fast damn ive played it for over an hour and i still love it, best mucis game on newgrounds


i seem to have gotten a glitch,seems that some one else had it early and wrote a review a about it, the controls stop working half way through level one.you push it,the score goes up,but no one dies,then at the end of the level,it says you got a zero persent.i was looking forward to plaing this to.

friggin awesome

dude best guitar hero clone type game i have ever played. mostly because i got to blow shit up but it was very fast with dubble kick like bdbdbdbdbdbbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdb but like 10,000,000,000 times more faster

Super Awesome

The music was awesome the game was awesome there was lots of killing the whole thing was mean as