Reviews for "drums of war (rock out)"

My God my fingers hurt.

In all honesty... Maybe 20 minutes of this will instantly give you arthritis/carpal tunnel. But it's an okay game, even if it is just straight button-mashing, and has alright sound. The awesomeness of the songs was what actually made me not vote to blam it.

brokenjoe responds:

Who's playing this for 20 minutes? Mr. Doom-Fang.

A very good game.

I enjoyed this game a lot, but for a rock out game, I would have expected a better sound quality. Overall, I'd say this is definitely one of the top 1 of the rock out games I've seen.

brokenjoe responds:

I tried to get a good balance of file size and sound quality. My computer is kind of slow so the game runs real slow at higher file sizes and I don't wnat no body out there not being able to play the game.

The controls stopped responding...

partway into level 1. I think you need to take a look into it. Otherwise, a good game overall, but the glitch takes it below the blam threshold. Just resubmit it when you find and fix the glitch, k? Also, the Q key is not ideal to use in tandem with the ASD buttons, especially when As and Qs come at about the same time. Maybe switch it to ASDF?

brokenjoe responds:

I don't think that's a glitch with the game. I'm not sure what the ideal situation is for controls and I doubt you do. Everyone complains about controls in every game. It works fine though. It really shouldn't be blammed for some weird glitch that only you're getting. I think what happened was that you clicked outside of the game and thus typing into nothing.


I don't know how, I don't know why... But I actually beat the game... O_O

Pretty good

It was definately a good idea and pretty well done, just need to throw in a penalty or something so that when I cheat and just repeatedly mash the 4 buttons I don't win. That fact made the game too easy in my opinion. Pretty good over all though.

brokenjoe responds:

I wanted to add an accuracy element, but I also wanted the game to be very forgiving. Another issue is that you won't get 100% if you're just mashing the buttons over and over again. It's also less fun that way. But I know where you're coming from.