Reviews for "drums of war (rock out)"


i only got to level 2 but it sure is fuktastic in a good way!! nice synchronizing with the music i loved it!! bravo!! it felt like guitar hero but with blood and a cool lookin tank!

brokenjoe responds:

Thanks for the good review.

i love it

i have a sudden urge to play GH2 haha

Could you make it any harder?

The concept of this is really good, it's just that it's so damn hard! (I'm normally really good at rythm games) I was actually doing fine in the first song until the middle when it got impossibly hard. I found a cheap way to get past that though. I just pounded the keys repetedly and they got all the notes. The key layout was really bad and made it even harder. I suggest u,j,k,l so I can use my right hand instead of my left. Better yet, make an edit feature. Other than the difficulty, this is a well done game, with good graphics and sound. Contrary to how most of this review sounds, I really do like it, and if you could make an easier version, I would love it!

brokenjoe responds:

I have it set up so you'd use both hands. Like when people "chicken peck" the keyboard. SMASH! SMASH! There's an even cheaper way to get by the levels too, but I ain't tellin. Pounding the keys is fun though. Thanks.

I like this.

Basing it off the drumbeats is a neat change-up to the "Guitar Hero" mold. I like the metal drum concept as well.

However, the buttons to press when playing are really tough to reach and manage in general!

Why not space the keys out a bit? QASD is really awkward. Why not...one of the home rows? JKL; or ASDF, or even a FJKL if you want to space out the cymbals to the left most extreme side....

Anything to avoid such hand cramps up in the corner of the keyboard. Otherwise, I really like this game. Onto level 3.

brokenjoe responds:

FJKL is a good idea. I usually type like an idiot, "chicken peck" style so the settings fit me better. But I'll probably change it so you can have the option of either or. I had to rush this out before the contest was over so I had no time for game testers like I usually do. Thanks.

good combination

Blowing things up to rock music.