Reviews for "drums of war (rock out)"


Holy shit, this game is addictive!
The fact that it's a tank blowing shit up instead of the usual buttons dropping down makes it so damn cool!
It's good how you spliced parts of the last song up and cut out the slower parts too.

Excellent game, and thanks for using loads of my music too!

Great Job

The only problem was, the second level was a big step from the first one, but it was still great.


Insane! It was an awesome game, it would make speed metal fans worldwide proud. Some of the levels were kinda challenging, but once you replayed them they were pretty easy. I thing that you should make more games of this style. Easily a 5/5 and a 10/10,

wow. Joust the best game even... On earth!

This was so cool, so amazing. I cant eventhink of what to say

One note, It went so quickly, I could hardly apreciate the art, I would have liked a simple gfx version, something similar to most other rhythem games without all the graphics that get in the way of the actual game.


True this was pretty much a mash-a-thon... but honestly this might just be one of the most fun rock out games I have played yet. Great game, keep it up, bravo.

brokenjoe responds:

Fun is the purpose of any game. Thanks it means a lot.