Reviews for "drums of war (rock out)"


could use a restart level button because I keep messing up the level by pressing caps lock by accident and then it's annoying because I have to wait through the whole song again

not bad...

This game's cool 'n all but, my arm hust coz it make's me smash the keyboar really fast and theres no ammo or lost of points when you miss.
Good, but not this much.



A good game with metal! 10/10 5/5

Sweet bro.

This was a pretty sweet game, I had a good time with it and the music was fun. It was quick and sweet. The one song reminded me of laid to rest by lamb of god.

The only thing was I didn't read the comments first, so my fingers are atrophied now, other than that, cool. keep up teh good work. 9\10 4\5

awsome game

ok the q makes sence for a symbol in total look at a real drum set the symbol is on the upper side this is a semi perfect drum kit on keyboard personally i'd have the controls as bass petal(v) and treblle(b)