Reviews for "drums of war (rock out)"

I killed them all ;p

Ok I'm a fan of the guitar hero games and generaly that style of gaming so I liked your game too! Excellent idea that you have to make war with some countries and "play" drums "of war" to kill your enemies.I also like the variety of caharacters you used(not like only, four different types of soldiers) and I liked that you also used even other things except soldiers. It wasn't very complex, easy gameplay and good choice of buttos to play, but to say the true......It took me a while to beat the 4th level(it's insane;p). I don't play the drums myself,I play the guitar though, and playing expert on guitar hero ;p. Any way nice game and 10 stars for you!

great game

fun as hell pretty easy though


Note: If you get 87 on 3rd lv it says you cleared the lv but you can not go to 4th please fix


but it's way to fast, it ends up being complete random button smashing

the best rhythm game!!!!!

I LOVED THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!! Im a drummer in real life too. I had the same gitch as every1 else so i couldnt get through the whole game.But most of the levels were so cool.If u ever make a seaqule plz put an autosave feature and more levels. Shamossy i dont know what ur smoking but its some good stuff because this is 1 of my favorite rythm games EVER!