Reviews for "drums of war (rock out)"

98% whoa

Dude this game is awesome like you said its fast paced...lol i love the last song kill'em all i got 98% dude i have been playing this for like only 20 min 2 this game rocks my sox lol ha ha ha btw can ya not use the q button next time lol it sorta gets me off but i did well.

this rocks!

this is 1 ov da best drum games ever! u shud makea sequel


I found a good drum game! Great job it's awesome/

ow painful but cool

i played so hard that my arm hurts

nice game

theres only 2 things i dont like. the buttons are good except for q. y cant they all be right besind each other. and 2 the drums in the actual song were late to the actual game so it didn't match up. other then tht great game