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Reviews for "!!THE PACER!!"

Woo, another great Rock Out entry! Apart from the odd, often clashing, color combinations on the menu buttons - the game itself was a fun experience. The tutorial explains everything with ease, and the game itself is fast-paced and varied. Would be easier to move the character around if he wasn't completely round (and the direction only shows by the line within the circle, as opposed to something that pops out of it), but apart from that... it's an overall entertaining experience. nice work!


very difficult

good music but bad game


It wasn't really what I expected it to be, but thats alright, it was a new. I don't really like the controls, the turning is really slow and to go forward its really fast. It was a different way to control I guess, and you have to get used to it. I liked the music, and I liked how I wanted to hurry up and get the level done with.

Great Game!

Awesome game! The only downside is the turning is REALLY late. But other than that its really good!

way to hard

could only do turtorial!