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Reviews for "!!THE PACER!!"


unfortunatly for me the page went off the creen so i couldn't get a full veiw of what i was doing so the only one i could do was the tutorial, but i did like it just try and make it a tad smaller for those less fortunnate

MrManiacMan responds:

There is a simple solution to this:
1. Open the game in a pop-up.
3. Either press (It's different on a lot of computers) F11 or F12 to get rid of the top and bottom of the window
4. You should be able to fit the game more properly in your window now!
5. When you are finished playing the game push either F11 or F12. (which ever worked for step 3!)
6. Enjoy your day!

If the game is still to big for your screen there is nothing I can do.....
BTW, I'm not that fortunate either I'm running a 4 year-old (at least) HP that can't recognize USB drives any more, and because I put all of my flash files on an external hard drive, I can't access anything I've made for the past year and a half.
That also means I can't access the games I meant to have out by the end of this month!
Sincerely, MrManiacMan.

very good

that was a really nice break from the typical Rhythm games
thanks for that

MrManiacMan responds:

Thanks for the 10/10! I'm glad that you liked the unusual charm of The Pacer, and you're welcome for the break.
Sincerely, MrManiacMan.


Nice Game

You know when i first clicked on this game, i thought it said the PEACER and i thought it was a hippie game, that had some type of virtual weed or something LOL

there's ur next big idea for a game............................you'r e welcome!

MrManiacMan responds:

Wow, talk about a flashback to Art 2...
I sat next to a stoner, nice guy, but on occasion, broke pencils, everyone's pencils, lol.
I'll see what I can do about incorporating virtual weed in my games! After all, or so I've heard (I only get "high" on life), you can NEVER OD on weed!
Anyway, thanks for the 10/10! After all, you are "THEOFFICIALCRITIC".
Sincerely, MrManiacMan.

The truth is...

That was a difficult game until I stopped, went into my room, looked myself in the mirror, and said,"I can do this. I rule at rhythm." I got my act together, focused on doing, not accomplishing, and prevailed. Thank you for giving me the modem for self-insight.

MrManiacMan responds:

Wow, that's pretty deep! I've heard of motivational speakers, but a motivational GAME?! THAT'S PRICELESS!!!11!!!!11!!!!!!11111!!!!on e!!!!11
I don't think that anyone but me can comprehend how funny I find that. Now, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing at the fact that I have always heard every, EVERY motivational speaker say to go outside for life experiences. WELL LOOK HOW WRONG THOSE JACK-ASSES WERE!
Anyway, what you stated raises one BIG question from me to you, and I'm going to ask it! What score would you have given my game if you hadn't had that bit of "Self-insight"? If you read a few of the previous reviews, some people gave me lower marks because of the difficulty. If you could get back to me with a response, that would be great.
I really am glad that you were able to take away something else except a bit of enjoyment from my game!
Sincerely, MrManiacMan.

A decent game.

It's a unique game at that, never seen one like this before. Not really much I can say but...NICE JOB YOU!

MrManiacMan responds:

I've seen lots of you reviews in the AP, so I just wondered when you'd finally review one of my submissions. It took you about a month, or two, but I knew you'd pull through! I'm glad that this game gave you a "unique" experience, but what was so unique about it? Some more elaboration on that from you would help me improve the, eventual, sequel to "The pacer".
Anyway, thanks for the 8/10, and the CAP-LOCKS, "NICE JOB YOU"! (Made me LOL)
Sincerely, MrManiacMan.