Reviews for "X-Men: Phoenix Season"

Just too funny

That made me laugh inside and out. Awesome parodies man, keep up the funny goin!!!

Very very very very very great!

^_^ Thanks for reviving the old X-Men. I didn't see Dazzler or Jubilee, though. Anyway, my favorite part was the doorbell sound. "X-MEN! X-MEN! ..." Okay, I don't remember the rest.

That was humorous

This had so many funny moments. I liked how those two people from the beginning kept saying how they were from space and that they knew everything. The end with apocalypse saying eenie meenie miney mo was funny. The part where wolverine was moving towards jean and kept losing his clothes/skin and eventually woke up jean grey from her phoenix side was awesome. Very well drawn/animated. Voice acting was perfect. Great work with this flash!

That was funny

The were two parts what i found funny about it....

1. when Jean goes into the air and Beast says "great googly moogly"

2. And the other bit I thought the best was wolverine himself lol when he says "oh for crying out loud i go out for one solo adventure and look whats happens" then he keeps saying "Jeeeaaaan" I liked the idea when he kept changing his costume and when he turns into his skeleton.
Sorry if im saying too much but really that was funny and had good graphics to go with it. So all i can say is good luck to your next amazing flash and i hope it goes well.

"Wait, aren't those two dead?" DUDE!


OK, Top Three Moments:

1. Logan slapping Jean and saying "Now cut that out!"
2. The follower with the sign that said "Something from Leviticus" (you have no idea how much that damn book is referred to in order to justify being anti-something)
3. Emma saying.... well, ANYTHING!

keep it up!