Reviews for "X-Men: Phoenix Season"

That was great!

It started out slow but it got very good very fast.

Fantastic Fourth Movie....

Man, that great. Better than the other ones. I could'nt stop laughing when i see Logan last costume.

Nowhere near as funnyas your others

And scene 5 won't load

Wogoat responds:

If you skip the pre-loader sequence, the scene select screen will only work for scenes that have had time to load.

Another great one~

I really dig your films, and this one's no different. It's great that you can keep your submissions funny and not get stale after a while. Great stuff. Keep it up!

Funny as allways

Wow I really wanted to see more of your works and my wish came true.HAHAHAH I laugh all the way to the end of the movie.Graphics looked better than ever but Beast looked kinda funny.Sound great and the style is the best(I really like the floating hands).Humor DAMN funny HHAAHAH.No violence and interactivity only in the main menu.Overall super,great.fantastic,perfect,
amazing,spectacular,ultimate living.Nuff said bub.