Reviews for "X-Men: Phoenix Season"

great your back i thought you died

great to know your back man best work ive seen yet your my favorete movie make then theres fioriparty you need no improvement and no critics going holy shit thats the worset crap ive ever seen i mean did beast say reat gogly moobly you need none of that and i wpuld say i ;ove you but im no gay and i have a girlfriend

Very well done.

Great job with this. The little details about Marvel history are quite funny.

Welcome back man and great work

Awesome job man! Big fan of your comic parodies, and glad to see a new submission by you. I thought you had outdone yourself with House of M and Fantastic 4, but your work keeps getting better! Wolverine's "JJJEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!
!!!!!" was priceless! The secret scene was a good idea too. Overall, this was damn funny and I'm looking forward to "season 2"


I have always enjoyed your parody series of Marvel. The jokes are executed brilliantly, the animation was smooth and the voice acting is extremely superb.

Wolverine's series of costumes was a nice touch and Phoenix's animation (when she got mad) is done really well.

I also only just discovered the secret button on "The End" after watching it a few times. Hahaha.

Awesome stuff. Hope to see more!

Its ok

Well, it wasnt too bad, i felt it was a bit slow going, and some jokes were reused from your other works, but i liked how Jean's clothes were animated when she looses control.