Reviews for "X-Men: Phoenix Season"

Ha-ha, he-he

Good job, you've just made it into my favorite authors...too funny...


Dat was anouther brilliant spoof of the X men well done but i it possible u can do one of the punisher?

Very nice

Great stuff as usual, I really dig your style. keep up the great work.

Awsome...awsome to the max!

I love watching you parodies of the X-Men. There always very funny a well put together.

I liked it.

Man, I hate where the X-Men have been going lately after that crap fest of X3 and Endsong and Warsong Both suck as comics by the way but this at lest gives me something to laugh at know how bad the X-Men franchise has gotten. Even that I can't look at another X-Men comic and be sad how the franchise as gone down at lest I can have a good time with this. Thanks. :)