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Reviews for "Breathe With Me"

to the guy below me.

now THAT is a long review:D

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

A long review for a long song. :)


It's like exploring the unexpected, a million images are popping in my head now O_O. And its long! =)

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I didn't mean for it to be 8 minutes. When I played it I completely lost track of time. I love the fact that it is so long though.

My Life in 8 Minutes and 17 Seconds

The journey I've taken with this track was immense. The flow and ebb resonated with my mind and took me drifting back. The beginning, so mysterious. So many variables, so many unknowns. But it was not fear, nor panic that I felt, but a yearning. And from that yearning bloomed understanding. With understanding came love and compassion, hate and resentment, joy and euphoria, depression and pain. And in the end, I knew I must balance these things if I am to be at peace with myself, and to be at peace with the world. When the trials of this life seem overwhelming, we must remind ourselves to just stop a moment, and breathe.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Absolutely beautiful review!!!

You got it. Your the winner. This is exactly what the song tries to say, along with the vivid imagery that comes along with it. You really typed this review well, and I am impressed. I could have not put a better review! I love all reviews, but this one shows EXACTLY what I felt while creating the song. I was depressed. I decided to meditate. I breathed, and relaxed my fingers against my keyboard as I closed my eyes and played. What I felt was an emptiness that couldn't be described as fear, but as a yearning, a look for something missing. I felt so many emotions that overwhelmed my mind. I felt love, compassion, depression, hate, sadness, joy, and combined it into a euphoria that can only be mentioned as relaxing myself, and breathing. I played this song while thinking about so many different things, and at the end I really felt at peace with myself. I successfully meditated my thoughts into a song, and hoped that others would feel what I felt through it.

Thank you! :)

Journey was worth it

I Stumbled upon this song when it was front paged on NG. I left it on as I was surfing around and it became background noise to eventually grabbing my whole attention. I was hooked from then on. I kept it on loop and lied on my back in my bed and just listened, nothing specific nor vivid came to my mind and I listened but I just keep listening anyway. Even now as I am listening and attempting to write a review I just am stuck with a mix of emotions.

I later came back to find this song and listen some more now that it's night and I could listen without any lights on. Yet to my dismay it was no longer front paged.

I remember it had the word breath in the title but thats all I could remember, but I went through the audio pages and attempted alphabetically before I found that to be a huge hassle. I then saw I could just do a broad search by title, so there I typed breath and hit enter. a minute or two later I once again was reunited with this song, and decided to write this review just so it would be saved in my profile since I can't find a favorite button. But none the less though I write this for somewhat selfish means, I assure you this song is as amazing as everyone else says so, and I very much look forward to learning how to use NG so I can keep better track of your work.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I appreciate your review a lot. It isn't selfish at all, In fact it shows me how much you are dedicated to this and really warms my heart up. In fact, I am going to go finish my next ambient song right now!

The beginning sounds like the original play station opening, nevertheless a great unsettling song, 5 stars