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Reviews for "Gun Devil"

Very Nice

For some reason i really liked it if you made a story for these two people and maybe more it would be even better. The song fitted quite well and i quite liked it :p. Hope to see some more like this from you


newgrounds administrators should put a score for story too.
meh, i didn't get anything of this.

well you see- this is the story,

a man walks on the street
a man gets into panic!
the man starts to run,
the man is getting into a warehouse where someone weird, without any motives holding his "so-understood" friend.
this man helping him- because that bad guy wanna kill his friend and probably him too.

so what's my point?

there are random movies, and they are made in a very cool way- let's take for an example "lazy boy".
his animations are random and funny.

what you tried to do here- is to show something serious-
but the man SUDDENLY! FOR NO REASON! run to a warehouse and find his friend!

and that bad guy? why would he like to hurt them?

is this a series on the T.V that i'm not watching to know what you're talking about? or is it random and that's it?

there is famous man called- stanislavseky- he is like "THE GOD FATHER OF THE THEATER!"
so he invented the most important questions for a good actor- or a storyboard.

who am i?
what am i doing?
why am i doing this action?
where am i?
from where did i came from?
where am i going right now?

always remember these and i'm sure they will help you.

oh- and i didn't try to kill you with this review-
the graphics are great,
your style.. i can't call it your style :\
the sound... i don't like that language but.. i can't argue with people who do.
violence.. there is blood and... stuff? :D
humor...? not so very funny..
overall- 3.

man, it's not me being bad- i tried to help you- but hey- i'm sure you're gonna do better next time :)


That was cute and KICK ASS! I love anime stlye and the characters are cute! The music and timeing are perfect! CONGRATS ON FRONTPAGE!


Im glad that talant isnt going to waste in the world we live in!! keep up the good work and i hope to see more from you!!


dude that was cool!!! the animation was aswsome poseome!!!! I like your art style iits coool!!!!! also i liked the song . by any chance do you know whats is called and what artist>????