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Reviews for "Gun Devil"

I don't really like anime

So I judged this simply on merit of HOW WELL it was done, and that is to say, fantastically. However, the one thing that annoys me about this and many other flash movies is, they are given English captions for the intros and such, but it turns out that whoever is writing the captions hasn't got a basic grasp of the English language.
Don't let an otherwise flawless animation (and all that work) be blemished because you can't figure out what words to use, proper grammar, and what to capitalize. If you aren't good at a language, ask someone who IS good at it to write the short captions.
Other than that annoyance, which is prevailant in flash films nowadays, I was very impressed.


The best flash movie i've seen. The music fit the action and overall it was great:D

Excellent graphics/art/animation ...

Overall, I'd say this movie was excellent.

Fantastic graphics, for the most part. The animation was good, too, but movement was stiff at times—I'm guessing you just moved symbols instead of doing frame-by-frame, huh? Also, there were some parts that were (literally) rough around the edges, with white dots appearing all around. Some of the bitmaps also ended up a bit pixelized in movement, but Flash always does that to bitmaps in my experiences, so not exactly your fault...

Er, sound ... well, I like Jpop. A bit bland, at times, but still good ... yeah, nothing much to say since you didn't make it (or, rather, chances are you didn't, so I feel safe to assume).

Your writing could use a bit of work. While it's not an issue since this Flash focused on the animation/action, it would be simply excrutiating to watch a Flash that used badly-written text throughout the animation, even if it's only subtitles.

In your animation, for instance, I saw an uncapitalized subjective pronoun "I" at the end, and you tend to overuse periods ... remember, an ellipsis is THREE dots.

I like!

I like this one, I kinda get the story, it's interesting. The Animation was great but I gave you a 9 because I seen you do better. Good Action, music was good.

pretty good

I like the more realistic style of anime better, but it looked like you put a lot of effort into this submission. Good Work.