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Reviews for "Gun Devil"

What in the fuck are you doing on Newgrounds.

That was professional anime, Japaneese people will pay you a shitload of money for stuff like that.


The animation quality was great, the art was great, the only thing that bugged me was the corny Japanese anime music,,, anyways great job.

Great Job!

Perfect color, perfect drawing, fast paced, great flash! Hope to see more!


I don't usually review things but that was in fact incredible. The graphics were fluid and it had a definite anime feel... actually completely anime feel. Please continue to make things like this. Well actually a back story to this might be nice also in addition to more action things. I know it was suppose to be a random moment in life... although that is kind of rediculous... except it is anime so never mind. Just ignore that last sediment if you want to and keep making these.

nice one

that was a very nice animation. i really liked both the drawings and the music, they were very nice. this one also had a very nice plot to it, offered some very good entertainment and your efforts were very nice. i really enjoyed this one. i can sure see why this one won an award.