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Reviews for "Gun Devil"

Solid Flash

Very good my friend. The syntax of the english was a little off, but then again, i've met people from were i live in the states whos englsih was way worse, and they were born there. I hope to see much more in the same style.

Good Job

very great flash dude, the animation is very fluid and i loved how you were synchronizing the song with the action (during the middle of the film). I hope to see more work from you.


this is underrated, I actually don't know why, the animation has quality and effort. Maybe, due to people who heard a Japanese song were forced to close the file. If you want people to vote you high, you're gonna have to make some crappy well known anime (some shit like beautiful joe) or don't include anime music. People just hate it or love it, so it's a gamble. You keep on animating the way you do and try to develop a more interesting story, you animate well

omg!! that was great

a really good flash.. i wish i could do that
you should be my teach in how to draw like that ;)


if you animated all of that yourself then thats f'ing amazing good job the only thing i would work on is mabey your english its not perfect but its still pretty good though and i understand its a very hard language to learn so congrats for that too