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Reviews for "Gun Devil"

Another review with a great 10 at overall

Like i say alwais, thats awesome omg lol wtf is just good, blah, blah...

Graphics: Well done drawings, but I hate the blur effects you made, they where just horrible, but yeah, well done in all the drawings.
Style: Never seen that anime, so probably this storyline is original, but Anime is alwais the same, and the same... This Anime style is so repetitive.
Sound: *cought* Japaneses *cought*
Violence: I know the intention of the movie wasnt violence, but the blood wasnt the best comparing with the graphics.
Interactivy: It isnt a game, thats alwais low in movies :)
Humor: Well... There's not so much humor in it.

Have to try some day do a full movie in Anime style, pretty sure I can.

its burst angel meets full metal panic lol

hey man i must say as an anime fan i give it 2 thumbs up love the music man not to mention the graphics i think you could pull off an entire series from what i have seen keep up the excellent work

Good, very good

The lines on their arms when they fire their weapons reminds me of the guy from some game think it was Nocturn, the low sound score is because Japanese singing makes my ears bleed. I do not like anime but I liked this flash enough to overcome my intense hate of it to give you a fair score.

omfg! that was intense!

are you sure that you did that with flash? it was awesome! the detail that you put into that was incredible. make more!!!


The graphics were great, sound was great ,and plenty of violence!
great submission, need to see more like these.