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Reviews for "Gun Devil"

Nice graphics, but bad pacing in some parts.

It was very pretty, but some parts weren't very coordinated with the music. I love the anime-esque explosive effects near the end of it. Very nicely done, I doubt most people could pull that off without it looking like and exploding can of whip cream.

Simply amazing

You did great. This is a must see for all anime fans. The actions and colors are nice. The cel shading is excelent as well. This is a must see. Nice job.

As good as what's on TV..

Loved it. Im not a Anime fan, But I do own an animation studio and what you did is above and beyond most web animations. The only suggestion I would make to get it perfect, is better expressions on there faces. Really show there angst, fear and action.

Nice. well done.


k first lets get 1 thing stright i have no idea wat happend but it was so gd who cares all my 5 to u

omg this is the best!!!!

lol wow i would understand if this submission took 2 years!!
straight to my favorties!!