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Reviews for "Gun Devil"


if you animated all of that yourself then thats f'ing amazing good job the only thing i would work on is mabey your english its not perfect but its still pretty good though and i understand its a very hard language to learn so congrats for that too


i agree with the previous review, this toon better at LEAST get over a 4! there must be a lot of anime haters out there or something. great job! =)

Way too low rated... way too low...

No way this flash could have less than 4!
But I think that the rating will rise, don't worry about that...
I worship and appreciate your animation style, and there are sure a lot of more people who do the same.

Very clear und nice animations, I like it, thats what a flash's gotta have! Nice one!

not that bad

it was ok. unlike like Dvid (the reviewer before me), I can really tell that this is made in flash. The colouring was very flash, with only the basic flash colours.The story didn't make any sense, and what was with the can at the start.
other than them pointers it was pretty good. the animation was above average and I don't remember that many motion tweens.
keep up the good work, your in my favourites


Wow! That was amazing, how long did it take?! You better make a series out of that! Cant get enough!