Reviews for "Bling to the Future"


This is great! There are so many things that make you think on the Back To The Future movies in this (example: when Marty just pushes Biff Tannen's friends away so easily)! So,great animation,great sound,excellent idea! When will part 2 arrive? I'll be waiting!Excellent work!


Hahahaha! You got this PERFECTLY! Aw man! I love how you give each character a personality what with the Big guy and his muffled voice and the guy that talks for him etc.. Great sense of humor too!
The only thing it needs are more sound effects.
Also- If its Bling to the FUTURE, Where does he appear in the past? J/W

None the less- its awsome
Great JoB!

JohnMazz responds:

If we do future episodes (which we really want to) You'll see Harvey all over time! Thanks for the review

Speech Impediment?

The gangsters sound like they each have a speech impediment. Nevertheless, funny animation, keep up the good work.


I've never seen Back to the Future (in all honesty), but this was quite funny. The hip-hop references are realistic, despite being cartoony.
You made a reference to that one 12 days of Christmas song... I caught that.

JohnMazz responds:

You should watch Back the future, you'd like it, and like this movie better too. Thanks or the review!

Good job!

I liked that. No, it wasn't perfect, but it was enough to get me to watch the whole thing. And to the guy before me, perhaps if you'd watched the whole thing, you'd see where the whole 'Bak to the Future' conecpt came in.