Reviews for "Bling to the Future"


Brak approves this movie. Keep it up fellas'.

very nice

i love the black guy that cant talk cause of his grills and thw white guy strapped to his back keep up the good work with the next one

Great film, great humor

This made my day...great plot idea, great graphics, great humor. Only comment is that during some parts of the movie, the humor got kinda slow. Try to keep the humor level up during the whole thing.


I loves it. Black man With Lil White guy on his back is the best character EVER! :)

Fucking Genius!

I love the BTTF flims, an this is one of THE BEST damn spoofs that I have ever seen!
Brilliant animation!
Funny-as-fuck script & voices & even names/settings/plot/etc.

My new number 1


Can't wait for PartII


JohnMazz responds:

Thanks, we're glad you liked it so much, we'll get the next one out soon!