Reviews for "Bling to the Future"


Ok. hear me out, this was really well-made..and overall fun to watch. And I really liked the allusions to the Back to the Future series, but there wasn't enough. There was too much of the "bling bling" aspect in the movie, not enough of anything else. Once it got to the "actual" showing of the car competition, it got boring for me and i had to turn it off. Maybe i'm just a little bias since i don't really find the whole "gangsta" thing cool or funny. But i did really like the 'Back to the Future' references, the basic concept, good sound and voices, and comedy. You are definitely good at comedy, so make more ! good job


A great movie all around. I think it should have won daily #1... but I don't make that decision. Great graphics, pretty good concept, and nice allusions to the Back to the Future series. I was a bit miffed by the to be continued, but I suppose I'll deal. Eagerly awaiting the next installment.

very nice one

that was one sweet animation. i really liked the story and plot to this one. very original, entertaining and amusing. the graphics were especially good in this one... quite impressive i must say, the characters were pretty good, nice audio and it was a blast to watch.
great job on this one, and glad to see it win an award as well.

that was worth the clicking

awesome! this will get frontpage for sure! and i cant wait for 2!

That was great, It was pretty funny

I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw the title of the movie, but my love for the Back to the Future series drew me to this piece, and I'm happy to say that I wasn't disappointed. The animation was smooth, the urban humor, as well as the nerdy humor was great, and whoever did Doc's voice definitely has my thumb's up. If you weren't joking about that To Be Continued, then I await the sequel to this, great work.