Reviews for "Bling to the Future"

Great Job

This flash was nicely done and everything went along smooth. I hope to see some more stuff like this soon.


Hey man, its Sceptor from Neptune Circle Forums and as usual you did an awesome job on this flash movie. Although it is far different from your usual it is relatively funny and I give it a ten. I like how john threw up the poop and The girl slid down the car.

A masterpeice

As usual, Rocky and John have not failed to impress with this peice of work. Not only have they shown mainstream credibility, but their trademark humor has also managed to shine through.

This is the launching pad to something great, and we're all very lucky to bear witness to their assent from obscurity.

good job!

that was a really good job man, i thought it was hillarious... cant wait to see what happens next! keep up the good work

Maybe the Best NC movie yet

I really liked this one guys, I can't wait to see what else happens.