Reviews for "Bling to the Future"

This could have been a lot better...

If it never happened.

I'm sure you could make an awesome flas. This one's premise threw me off.
The subculture of greed, ignorance and illiteracy known as the hip-hop culture tends to not have a good side, in my eyes.

Try somethingthat doesn't rely on a screwed up culture, and work with something fresh and interesting, and you'll see the tens come in. Graphics definitely deserve that ten.

JohnMazz responds:

This movie was pure satire and it really should be pretty obvious. We are just two dumb middle class twenty-somethings from the suburbs. We're not hip-hop fans, and have comparatively boring cars. We made this to be funny, not to endorse any "Hip-hop culture". That being said, "Overall rating: 1"? Come on...

Great scott!

At first I thought..oh God, another parody of a movie too outdated for anyone to even care anymore, and then I thought.. wow, I'm really glad that movie was made in the eighties and not today and I hope it's not another one someone kills with a shitty "all star" remake/re-invisioning/remarket ing, whatever. And then I thought, hey this is pretty consistent, even if it's not the most amazing ever, in it's jokes and material and could be decent. And then I thought.. why is my penis fluffy and orange? But that's why you shouldn't touch yourself and eat cheetos at the same time.


Solid work here, was fun to watch and a nice, neat parody. Keep it up!


Ummm.... I love the Back to the Future trilogy. And, this could have been better, if you were trying to make fun of it. You did make fun of it, and I think you tried hard to do it. But, it just wasn't good to me.

Graphics: The graphics were alright. Animated well too.
Style: Making fun of BTTF? I give you props for trying, but it could have had a better style choice. The "Bling" was poor to me.
Sound: I never liked rap music. I might be wrong with what I heard, but I didn't like the sound. But, at least the voice acting was decent.
Violence: The dragon part was the closest thing to violence.
Interactivity: It was a movie.
Humor: I won't lie. I chuckled a bit at the end, because it envolved time travel there. But, the rest of the humor was bland.
Overall: You could have done so much better in making fun of a great trilogy. *Sigh* And seriously, I loved the movies. I'm not reviewing this based on how much I loved the movies. I'm reviewing this on what I saw. So, don't go saying "You're a fag" or some stupid thing like that in your review. I gave my honest opinion and this flash needed work. Good concept on BTTF, but definately needs improvement and not using "Bling" next time.

what in the world?

I love back to the future. I noticed some parts that came from the movie itself. the black emmit brown reminds me of don king or al sharpton for some reason. was the guy with the grill suppose to be biff? anyway, superb movie.

JohnMazz responds:

Thanks for the review. It wasnt a direct parody obviously, we took elements from the original, and some jokes and the like, but over all, it was it's own story. And yes, "Thud" was our version of "Biff"