Reviews for "Bling to the Future"

That was funny

I actually thought it was funny. The sound effects and humour were so funny, I don't know why people say it's not funny.


music and sound efects are not sync... is heddious.. and frustraiting


i didnt like it wasnt as much fun as the other raters discribed it


This is the best you've done for years and it's really nice to see that you guys haven't stopped making animations alltogether. I was getting worried you know.

And I also want to answer some people's reviews. Saying you don't like Hiphop culture becuase of the bling and the gangster themes some artists sing about is kind of like me disliking rock becuase of the sillly makeup some rockartists use.

Just Perfect

The graphics/animation style was great. Brodcast quality stuff, easily. The story was funny and origonal, yet kept some great referances to Back to the Future. Again, The gfx were awesome and I cant wait for the next episode!