Reviews for "Bling to the Future"

nothing personal...

nothing personal, but i just hate the topic and style. it'll be a cold day in hell when i vote something like this to stay on NG.

Reference, hmmm?

That last scene . . . blanket green . . . thatched-roof round stone cottage . . . inexplicable fire-breathing dragon . . . could we be in Peasantry from the website with the wrestle-man and the retarded lisper?

If you shout obscenities at me in your reply, I fully understand.

JohnMazz responds:

Well, no, no obscenities. However, I think its sad that some people see visual elements of a medieval environment and immediately associate it with a web toon. Thatched roof round stone cottages, dragons and "blanket green" (whatever that means exactly) are all things that are a part of hundreds of different medieval stories.

That being said, I should say that Rocky and I nicknamed the dragon, "Dortrog" when we made it... =)

Looking forward to the next episode!

Man, I haven't been interested in your stuff for awhile, but that was great.
Can't wait till the next ep, this one was genuinely funny.

My favorite part was "5 golden rings!"

pretty good

i dont like the whole bling group of people but back to the future owns and the only problem i really had was that the mr.bling only powers the flux capacitor or how ever you spell it not the car the car was ran on gasoline you need to watch the movies agian

JohnMazz responds:

Honestly, we had no intention to make the cartoon make perfect sense, I'm sure the majority of the things in the movie don't conform to the laws of physics.

Also, we are both huge BTTF fans, and we realized that the Mr. Fusion from the movie "Doesn't power the internal combustion engine, it runs on gasoline, always has" - Doc, BTTF 3, after Marty nonchalantly tells him they are out of gas from the arrow in the side of the car, which was the main plot point for the whole third movie... See?

Don't Listen to those "Racists"

I belive the people who made this a low score only made it a low score because they are a bunch of racists. I mean like the guy below me.
Read this:
"Try somethingthat doesn't rely on a screwed up culture, and work with something fresh and interesting, and you'll see the tens come in."

That was based on opinion NOT fact. So don't think it was your skills in making a movie it's just the "screwed" up people in this damn world.

I like it, it was really humorous. You had creativity and for that I give you a 5. Hope you continue the sequal!

JohnMazz responds:

Thanks for the review!