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Reviews for "Von Brunk Under Judgement"


Is this seriously what you go through? But your flashes are so awesome though! I highly enjoy them! But it looks like you can take them on...with a magic axe and sheild! XD But on the serious note, do you seriously get bombarded with crap?

I liked your flashes. Your a good artist, and good artists shouldnt have to deal with those kinds of things. =)

I agree, Brunk.

Ain't it sad when people from 9 to 32 who have nothing better to do with their lives end up becoming totally immersed in a crappy game with boring 'tried-too-hard-to-be-fantasy' graphics, repetetive music (which personally makes me sleepy as I play/watch the game) and even more repetetive plotlines?
Even worse when the chemically inbalanced of such people model themselves after Sephiroth in an attempt to make themselves be more evil, as if being blindly dark and hatefull is cool.
Plus, its really funny since of what I've seen, no one can PROPERLY follow Sephiroth. But then no one follows gothy VG characters without screwing up on a factoid or two-hundred.

In any case, another nice little flash you have here. :3


That rocked! "KILL! KILL!" Why would the Madness and Clock Cerw want to ban you? Your flashs are cooly.

Not too bad!

It was a funny little joke. The sound is what was really good about it though. The legend of Zelda clips were nice and so was the Sword metal at the end.

This might even get onto the Frontpage with all the fanboys you, yourself, have.

fuck those guys

they wouldnt know funny if it slammed them in the ass....and it probably has and they never figured it out...keep it up von brunk and add me to the battle lines.