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Reviews for "Von Brunk Under Judgement"

awsome!!! but...

I would give it a full 10 if you dident use the clock crew as an enemy.


very creative, you just lost me with the flash shield

Oh the suspence!

Did your flash ever make it through?
Did you fight back the fanboys?
Why where you using the flash as a shield?

hah! for the win.

this is von brunkery at it's finest. loved the song and now I'm compelled to get back into quest metal. I'm gunna watch this a few more times, 5 it, then go buy some dragonforce CDs.

this'll probably get me fulp'd (sweatty nerds oh noes) but this is typical YTMND badassery here. parodies, spinoffs, tributes, ect. ect. this is what the web was really made for.

in my opinion this beats the original with blatant authority.

The Cap'n


It has Manowar, automatically making this video awesome. That and the mighty Baron Von Brunk. I sense a flash movie where Baron Von Brunk is in an epic battle with hippie vegan emo fanboys when all of a sudden Manowar appear to lend a hand and spread forth the name of true metal!