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Reviews for "Von Brunk Under Judgement"

Baron von Brunk + Manowar = brilliant

Manowar kicks ass, almost as much as Baron von Brunk.

Great Flash!

yea, great flash. but it kinda seems familiar.... perhaps brought on by the other "under judgement" flash on ng? ahh well, who cares. whats done is done. keep up the good work!

that was good...

that was really good for a quick laugh, although id like to see something a bit longer. good work! keep it up!

Honest, but effective!

This is so true! Fanboys do hate you. But then again, fanboys will be fanboys. Personally, I try to support your recent animations as much as possible, they're awesome and funny. Keep up the good work!

I like the flash videos you make.

Nice fight scene at the end. It should have been longer because that's a great song you used.