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Reviews for "Von Brunk Under Judgement"


that was fookin sweet! i laughed my ass off at the battlescene. It was just plain brilliant man!

All th music is zelda!

All the music you used is Zelda......
either its a ocarina song or its a temple song.
plus its all from Ocarina of time!

hahha xD

That was pretty funny ;D
hehe, well it was a nice flash ;)

Great but i have a suggestion

i loved the flash it was really well done the underjudement thing was a good idea though it has been done already you kicked it up a notch with the Zelda Music which by the way im a big fan of but i think you could have made 2 movies out of this one I liked how u started the Under judgement thing but i kinda thought you would keep going with the zelda music and do the "Zeldafyed" version of how a flash is accepted to newgrounds But i digress ur flash was still awsome hope to see more soon ^_^

P.S Do you have a Wii and a copy of Zelda Twilight Princess

We've been Von Brunked.

And, like the Sweet, succulant boob of the Mother of christ himself, it is beautiful and juicy.