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Reviews for "Von Brunk Under Judgement"

I like your style!

This is a very interesting movie and as always, you use a wide variaty of song straight out of Zelda majora's mask OST. Nicely done!


is there anything you sumbit that isn't pure genius. Your work is always top notch. keep it up!!!

Funny but true... *Blams.* (J/K.)

Awsome description of the flash transportation, and hystarical at the Von Brunk one. Also Manowar=win.

great flash

Superb flash, very funny, good animation. I loved the Zelda music. Maybe now you can get a few things through! Great stuff, write more

Good and a funny version of the portal

You did good. At first it seemed a little more serious, with the young flash and everything and then comes the flash of Julius Von Brunk and there is a war goin' on. And the music is synced nicely with the cannons and the choice of music is great. And the soldiers looked a little geeky. So, once again you gave us a good flash. Keep up the good work.