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Reviews for "J.I.M."


It Was The Best Movie I Every Saw,Please Make More!!!!!!PLEASE!!

best EVER!!!

this is great and very smart.
"i hate wearing that fucking seal sute
"we all hate wearing that seal suit jim ... bhahahahahaha


Took a while for this to get any recognition. Loved it.

ebanana: Actually, Egoraptor did the voices, someone else did the flash. (sorry moderators, I know I'm supposed to keep side comments like this to PM, but I think we'll all live)


Thx for making my day, guy. Funniest flash I've seen in a while. "Awwww, look! A BABY SEAL!!!!"

lmao. Reminds me of Metal Gear Awesome, but I enjoyed your flash more. This may have been your first flash, but have you done voices for other flashes? A couple of the voices sound familiar.

Excellent job though. ALSO, for those that want to reduce quality...Simply RIGHT-CLICK the flash and select "Quality" then "LOW QUALITY...."

From what I could see, well done

I thought that it was very well done from what I could see clearly. The jokes were especially well timed.

I regret to say that I cannot give a full review since I was unable to view your animation all the way through. The graphics began to horribly lag for me at about the part where they drop him off the cliff (at each of the four attempts I made to watch it). The sound, however, continued without missing a beat. This problem has been noted several times before in these reviews, so I know that I am not an exceptional occurence.

The problem may lie in it being very graphics intensive. Perhaps you could put in a quality option for those of us with dinosaur computers?

I hope that you can figure out how to fix this lagging problem since your animation really and truly does look fantastic. It's a crime that it's so glitchy!

-Danish Sabreur