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Reviews for "J.I.M."


I signed in just so I could review this. This was one of the more enjoyable cartoons on newgrounds nowadays!

I loved it! Please make another one!

Good stuff

I'm glad this is frotpage stuf, I allmost mist him. I loved the dog and the seal scene but how thit that island exploded??? That helicopter was leaving and then suddenly BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! But for the rest it was perfect. Please make more!!!!!!!!!


YYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe when people see this, they will realize how crappy their's are and take it off this site. With better graphics and a little more practice, you may be able to clean the pipes of newgrounds. Good Job!!!!



I agree with aido727, same here. My computer even gets jammed and I have to reopen it. I tryed that like 4 times.... I belive that it's a good flash if there's something to do for it's buginess. It's not a virus...

great flash... but buggy

funny stuff! ... one MAJOR problem tho

as soon as they throw jim off the cliff... my RAM go to 100% and stays there thru the rest of the animation... the flash shows 1 frame every 20 seconds (audio continues no probs) and then firefox locks for 10 mins after i CLOSE IT