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Reviews for "J.I.M."

good one

that was a pretty good animation. very nice idea to it... very original too, good graphics, neat character, very nice humour, very entertaining and your efforts were great.... especially for a first animation as well. you have some nice flash talents, i look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

Unique style, bizarre humour and all around great!

The style of the animation was really cool, unique and in a style of it's own, with Egoraptor on voices it just gave each character a distinct personality within seconds via their design and speech.

Humour had some genius laugh out loud moments for me too!

Hope for more!

A fantastic debut...

Hats of to a certain Mr. McGuire for giving us a satrical look at ...the army.

A chuckle or 10 guarenteed and one of the greatest cameo appearances since Chuck Norris in Dodgeball (and that was even before the jokes started).

So once again, congratulations to Lee for this one, hopefully there will be more to come!

o i

wow, was better than i thought it was gonna be. You should have kept trying to get the replay button to work -_-. Thanks for the mention on the credits ^.^


IT is the best thing thats been on here in months. and should be on the front page now!!!! tom get the finger out and put this on for all to see