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Reviews for "J.I.M."

Do not play at high quality

It will kill your computer.

Anyway, nice work. The seal joke got a bit tiring after a while though.

And, yes, I hope you don't get sued.

BANG, and the flash is 5ed.

Great Work

Nice everything was put together in a great way, the water effects were the best! the graphics can use some touch ups, but otherwise its great as is

Are you sure?

Are you sure this was your first animation ever?
You got to be kidding this was Awsome!!!!! :D

You must have some kind of experience with computer graphics before this movie... ;)

This is Frontpage stuff! Good luck :D

Lol that was halarious

That was awesome, great job. I had to watch it twice, it was one of the best submissions i have yet to see. keep up the good work


This is one of the best Newgrounds flashs I have ever seen!!!I loved it!!Hopefulley you can make more of these!!Or if not maybe make em' as good!!Its great to see an actualey good flash in the portal!!You are now one of my favorite artest!!Keep pu the good work!!!Byaa!!