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Reviews for "J.I.M."

Comedy Classic!!

This was amazing when I first saw it, and it is still god dam amazing to watch now!!

Comedy great!!! You have talent!!

Love the seal gag and the dog being threatened!

10 outta 10

This flash deserves more views and ratings!!

This is SO funny

his video really never gets old and it makes me laugh everytime!

haha ok now this was really funny haha

ok haha this one has just earned my top 3rd favorite haha it was hilarious haha the bam part was so random but yet so rite this was very nice two thumbs ha and the dog threating part for him to put the suit on was the most funniest thing classic oh yea and the ppl thinking ha was a seal haha that was just unbeliveable ha

Bam! And the guard is gone!

"That's a problem for some household cleaners, but not for Bam!"
"Ahhhh! It burns!" *Thump*
"Bam! And the guard is gone."
"Thanks Barry Scott!"
"...No problem Jim."

Great, and I also tried the first version, and my computer crashed, so I'm really glad that you came out with a new version. Was the new version implanted inside that nuke ingeniously disguised as a tree? Only you know.
The part at the ending was also great. About the afterlives of Jim, the General, and Barry Scott (Kind of).

That F*cking suit

"I hated that f*cking suit sir."
"We all hated that f*cking suit"
man that was a great video.
keep making them