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Reviews for "J.I.M."

Look, the Rock broke its fall!

Loool, made me chuckle, get it on!

ooooooohhhh, a baby seal!!!

good...make more pllzzzzz!

funny, but not as amusing as metal gear awsome

metal gear awsome was pretty unique, even though the graphics were not that good, but was something that was new and amusing. but now i'm starting to see some other people making similar comedies like metal gear awsome, like that comedie power ranger video and Silent Hill video, which i forgot the real titles, but some people might know what i mean, those works might have taken ideas from metal gear awsome. same with this video, it seems similar like metal gear solid. I'm starting to get a little bored seeing other people taking similar ideas from metal gear awsome that looks too similar. I only like the metal gear awsome artist's works, not other people that took the artist's ideas and make it look alike. I kinda wanna see something more new.

It made me happy.

very happy.

SEALS! They are everywhere.... they are so sweet!

LOH! Lots Of Humor.