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Reviews for "J.I.M."

I liked it!

I thought it was pretty funny! The animation wasn't terribly fancy or anything but still decent enough. It reminded me a lot of Metal Gear Awesome, and I realized why when I found out the voices were done by Egoraptor. Heh...

Here's hoping you at least get Underdog of the Week or something for this.


that was so great.. it was so random and funny as hell. xDDD i loved the beginning with the suit and the dog.. haa.....

Don't you ever knock your art style!

This was brilliant. A proud piece of work.

This combined the mastery of parody with slapstick comedy. All pieces seemed well planned and worked really well. The seal joke is an instant classic.

Please don't change a thing but please make more.

Aww! It's a Baby Seal!

xD Pretty funny man, It's was really funny xD...

baby seal

i relly enjoyed this movie it was funny but my grandpa (who i think was a draft dogger) who didn't fight in the war still dropped more fbombs about the war

at the end were you had the what happened thing the only one that i could even get close to reading was brain's