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Reviews for "Scaryville"

Pretty cool

Man, how good is this for highscool animatoin.

not too bad

I like the animation and humour but can't help but think you needed a little more oomf in your voice acting and there wasnt really a plot. As for the detention teacher he's a bit of a rip off of Daria, overall not bad


Awesome man... animation very good and jokes were hilerious. I especially like "I drew a turtle" and the detention guy who kept jumping behind things.
Are you sure scaryville isn't Adelaide?

So funny.

This one was really funny...I enjoyed watching it and I keep showing it to my friends. Good job...!

Very nice

This was an excelent flash you made, if it was up to me I would try making it into an actual animated series. You had a very original style in your character design and their voices went well with what they looked like. Very good job man.