Reviews for "Scaryville"

AS good as that lost thing you made

Loved it and the humour. The graphics were clean and smooth. I especially loved the mouths as they are never really in the same place. Doug is my favorite caracter as although a drug attic he's still into glue.

F'in' Awesome

That was freaking awesome man! I've had one of the crappiest days, and I watched this, and it made my day! And I've been watching lewis black too. I like how you made the characters kinda dumb, but not annoying, eye gouging out dumb. and the opening joke was the best. Kudos.

Great graphics.

You have a very neat style, it looks good. The 'batman joke' was definitely the best. It would've been nice if you had made it longer. Good job. Overall humor could use a little work, but still funny.


i really enjoyed this. it was actually really funny.
"god speed batman, god speed"
it was so good.

everyone sounds so austrailian, but not so at the same time.


Man, that was awsome, loved the emo dude. Bummer about the ending though.