Reviews for "Scaryville"


OMG I almost died over the Batman thing. The Goth Kid made me laugh so hard it brought tears to my eyes. It's a shame this didn't get the daily 1st prize, in my opinion it is better than the submission that did.

Heh Heh

pretty good. liked the turtle and the goth guy, but didn't find it too special.


i loved it! the turtle and the goth and the glue guy! the three guys were funny too! i hope to see more like these!

LOL some nice stuff

Love the bit with the goth lol, made me laugh and the glue sniffer trust excersise and the turtle and it was all good. nice 1!!!!!!!!!!

You are making more of these right?

umm...that was pretty much the whole point of making this review was to ask that question cause that was really funny and I wanted to know if you were making more. So, yea...make more. Oh, and I gave this review to "That's My Fulp 8" as well cause it took a few minutes to think up what I was going to say in the review and it's 3:11am in the morning so yea. Interesting fact, there you go.