Reviews for "Scaryville"

Really funny!

The turtle is awesome. I laughed my ass off.
I also liked the scene with the clock in the car. And the 'Keddy has chronic diarrhea' is great.
Yes, you deserve the second. :) Indeed.


very cool, and not at all what i expected from a show called "scaryville" hehe. i like your style of art and animation, definitely unique. good voice acting, funny plot, although not too tight to keep from having fun. overall funny and well produced. lookin forward to the next!

nice job....

the style and the graphics weren't the best..but it was animated well...

the humor was good... usually when i see Flashes with some guys being guys and doing stuff, the humor is usually really retarded, with lots of curse words, or somehow centered around sex...just really lame..

but this... the humor was good and original...to me it wasn't like you were really trying to make it funny. it just was.

i loved the turtle picture parts. xDDD and the first scene with the crazy guy in the coat.

Hilarious! I'm making this one of my favorites!

That was original comedy! You have alot of talent in making hilarious flashes. I hope you can make this a series. Keep up the good work!

Nice work!

Exellent animation and mouth syncing to the words. The only problem was it was a little hard to hear the big bearded guy speak...

Nice job once again!