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Reviews for "Scaryville"

Yayz :3

I loved this so much, I really did. It was funny, the right length (not too long or too short) and I love your style. The only teeny suggestion I have is maybe editing some sound effects when something falls (Doug's head, the detention teacher guy leaping behind his desk [no sound affect for him falling :(] and when Alex falls on top of Doug. I know there's a spine-crack noise but the noise from his body falling is not there.

It's sort of nitpicking, but only because every other aspect was perfect. Keep up the great work!! Maybe make a sequel? ^_^

Great Stuff

Good humor and overall graphics. I especially liked the turtle scene(forgive me if incorrect, i watched it yesterday). I would be interested in contacting you in regards to tips, advice and some script related help. Great stuff.

que bacilon

me rei hasta decir basta, que flash tan depinga no me aguanto hasta la 2da parte, son geniales sigan el maravilloso trabajo

Haha, who is Brody supposed to be

Cause he looks exactly like me >_<

Things I found hilarious:
The turtle bit
The hitchiker's grin

Nice character style, always good to see interesting shapes in cartoons.

YEAH, Violence was 0 cause Doug didn't hit his head on the table hard enough :P



That was almost as good as the Decline series. Just work at it.

I found that very funny. I 'loled' about several times. Some minor problems here than there but over all, great.

Was that school based on your school?