Reviews for "Scaryville"


Pretty much liked everything but 1 thing bugged me, the sound.
You could have maby added subs to the movie, cus sometimes I couldn't understand what they said :/..
Anyway... Great job man ;p


I like this, the turtle joke and the clock joke were funny. I think the worst bit of this movie was the ending, but the rest was pretty funny. Nice animation style

ech, it was ok.

not a bad flash. my favorit joke was the "clock not set" joke. it was kinda boring off and on, almost like im waiting for the next joke. still, its ok to watch the first couple of times.

....i drew a turtle

oh em ge that was funny!

that was great

i like the idea of the game nice grapichs very funny i liked the part about going to detention how the one guy cant get with that girl and how she a airhead i really liked the goth being in the car part overall really good you should reall make a part 2