Reviews for "Bomb it"

Bomb it = Good game

I have never played a bomberman game before, but if it's like this I may look into it a bit.

Graphics: Kind of repetitive, but still good, a different background would be better.

Style: Unique it would happen to be.

Sound: The music was annoying to me, but otherwise the sound was great.

Violence: Bombs are highly violent and the explosion effects and deaths were pretty neat.

Interactivity: Good that you can change colours and everthing, but you should be able to drop some players.

Humor: The deaths were kind of humourous as well as the sprites.

Overall: Great game, that's all I needed to say.

Computers could be a little studpid at times and couldn't use the power ups, made the game unfair.


Loved the game.Bomberman games r always good

This game is great

I love this game. I always loved Bomberman games, and this just brings back the memories. This game is fun.

lol boom

I love this game....
The characters are also interesting, plus the 2-player mode can be fun.

its cool

now this is a cool game the violence is bomberman style, theres the character aspect humor good interactivity excellent sound maybe a little more songs but its kk i ouldn't do any better great style and graphics in other words a perfect mini game.