Reviews for "Bomb it"

this is just a rip off

its taken from crazy arcade a korean game called BnB there is more games like kart racing..the original is much better

Fun, challenging and entertaining!

A bomberman-esque flash game that, aside from the cutsie characters and landscapes, is very entertaining and more challenging than you think at first!

It is kind of like powerpuff girls crossed with bomberman! An interesting array of powerup items that can be very helpful or hurtful, depending on your mastery of their usage!

This is a game that, despite its somewhat limited game play and repetitious strategy, keeps you coming back for more! The graphics are top notch, the power-ups add variance to the game and the only thing negative critique I have is with the soundtrack!

It is fine at first...but could possibly become very annoying quickly! You can turn the sound off...but this turns off EVERYTHING, including the explosions! Would be nice to be able to toggle each independently. I would like to see the "cutsie" music be at the start of the level...and maybe with the death of an enemy the music became more climatic...which should include some heavy guitar and drums! Sort of morph into a Doom type soundtrack of hard rock/metal!!!

This is a keeper for me and I plan to play it more!


I love how this game is like Bomber Man


The game was really cool, and I emjoyed myself playing. The main reason why you got a high score was because I loved the humor of the game, it was hilarious throughout the levels especially when you bombed someone to death. The varity of weapons also made the game more entertaining. However, if you can add a few more levels with different backgrounds and more enemies, it would have turned to be one of the greatest games. Nevertheless, it was a great game to play, nice work!

this is a rip off

this is just an exact rip off of the chinese game pao pao tang.
and the players move too fast
as for the added items... too complicated